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San Antonio Winery Inc DBA “Jada Vineyard & Winery”, along with their affiliated brands (collectively, all of the wine brands names on this website, “our,” “us,” or “we”), makes this Site available for the enjoyment of users who are of the legal age of drinking alcohol.

Our terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) govern this Site and any other mobile websites and apps of our affiliated brands when you use:

  • Our Site or any of our related websites
  • Purchase from our Site
  • Subscribe to our newsletters or mailing list, or wine club programs
  • Signup for our events
  • Register for our offers and promotions
  • Participating in our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

We have the right to change or amend our Terms of Use frequently as we post the new agreement on our Site. Therefore, we recommend to carefully read these Terms of Use before purchasing from our Site. When you buy our products and use our services, you constitute acceptance of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. That may also include any additional terms governing certain products and services and other legal notices applicable to this Site. All expressly incorporated by reference or otherwise. If you disagree with our Terms or any changes, please don’t use our Site.


You may access this Site if you are above 21 years old. That’s the age considered legal for drinking alcohol in the United States. So, if you are below that, please don’t use this Site.

Any U.S. resident or non-resident that agrees to our Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use, they can use our Site. The Site targets the United States residence and audiences, also governed by U.S. laws. When you use this Site and its features, you represent and attest that:

  • 1. Information given is accurate and truthful.
  • 2. You will continue to maintain the accuracy of such information.
  • 3. You are over 21 years of age.
  • 4. While using our Site and features, you do not violate any laws, rules, and regulations applicable.

Copyright, Trademarks & Other Intellectual Property Rights

All the content in this Site that includes limitations, designs, images, texts, graphics, and audio & video materials is our ownership. Including copyrights, trade names, logos, trademarks, and intellectual properties and proprietary rights. It is all owned and licensed by us from third parties (“proprietary material”). Under the United States laws, all these proprietary materials are protected, even under international treaties. Particularly under trademarks and copyright laws. An unauthorized use of these materials will violate the copyright or other laws. The only exception is the limited license, downloadable for particular printing materials that are non-commercial and intended for private use. However, you don’t have the right to copy, reproduce, use, display, or distribute these proprietary materials.

All the rights under the respect of Proprietary Materials endure as our exclusive property. Other than the use of private or non-commercial purposes, we prohibit any other service or reproduction of our contents (including trademarks) unless you send us prior consent. We reserve any ungranted rights hereunder.


Upon registration on our Site, we store your frequently used information and other identifiable data to streamline your check-out. We shall need a valid credit card with your name, billing address, and phone number when purchasing. Such information, like your shipping address, can remain on our Site by adding them to the My Account page. We shall protect the information provided on our Site and use it per the Privacy Policy.

During registration, ensure to provide an email address that works and a password. These should remain confidential, as you agree to be solely responsible for activities carried under this email. You should also agree that you are responsible for the security of your passcodes and access codes. In case you know or suspect unauthorized use of your email, notify us immediately. Email address is untransferable, and only one user can use. We will terminate or suspend any account that we suspect to have improper or unauthorized use.

Purchasing Wines

We will only sell and deliver our wines to persons above 21 years of age. When you place an order, you ensure; (a) you are 21 years or older; (b) the recipient of wine is of age (above 21 years).

Returns and Exchanges

Our customer services are readily available for any returns or exchanges you may reach on 805.226.4200.

Use of Information/Materials

You can download our information, and other materials on our Site is when you meet the below conditions:

  • When you intend to use the materials for private or non-commercial purposes, and not for commercial use.
  • You will only use these materials lawfully; and there will be no copyrighting or any similarity regarding our property rights or any of our third parties.
  • You shall only use our Site for legal purposes—no unlawful, harassment, libelous, abusive, threatening, obscene, or invasive behavior.
  • You will agree to full compliance with our laws, rules, and regulations when using our Site.

We shall take the appropriate action for any illegal activity or unauthorized use of our Site. These are not limited to:

  • Collecting usernames or email addresses to send unsolicited email;
  • use unauthorized framing by you;
  • participating in tortious and criminal activities that may include spamming, fraudulent, spimming, copyright, and patent infringement or sending viruses with the intention of harming others, disrupting, or interfering with the Site’s services, creating an undue burden of the website or other networks connected to the Site. These include and are not limited to “flooding,” “mailbombing,” “crashing” the website to circumvent security measures. Violating the limit of access and authorization given to you hereunder;
  • impersonification;
  • using someone else’s password, username as applicable, or discloses your personal information such as password, to any third party. And permitting others to access your account;
  • taking payments in exchange for performing commercial activities through the Site, on behalf of the third parties such as display of commercial information on the Site;
  • using data mining techniques, spiders, robots, or other automated devices. Programs to catalog, download, distribution of Site’s content, or intention to manipulate the Site;
  • deciphering, decompiling, reverse engineering, or disassembling the website;
  • using an inconsistent manner on Site that does not adhere to the applicable rules and regulations. You must never resell, access to, and use our Site for a third party of any kind without our written consent.

Having an unauthorized use of our Site may immediately lead to legal action. It also terminates your right of service on our Site.

User-Generated Content

In the future, the Site may include contents such as videos, photos, graphics, text, and other information that you may:

  1. Put on our Site or brand pages.
  2. Identifying us in a hashtag, gives us a chance to use.
  3. Tagging us in social media platforms.

You can only tag us if you are a United States resident, 21 years and above unless specified otherwise. You represent:

  1. You are the User Content owner that uses to tag us, or you are solely posting on our sites and our other brand pages. Otherwise, have the right to give the license set herein;
  2. Your User Content should not violate several rights such as privacy, publicity, intellectual property, or any other rights that may affect any person;
  3. Any User Content post on our Site or affiliated brands should not breach the contract between you and the third-party or otherwise violate the rules and regulations. Sometimes we may need proof of permission depicted in your User Content from third parties. You agree to pay for all monies, fees, or royalties that you may owe any person for the User Content post placed on our Site or brand pages.
  4. When using our Site, tools, or other communication application, create content, you agree only to post proper materials related to the forum presented by a particular section of the Site.

We may remove and terminate any commercial advertisements found on our Site or affiliate links and any other solicitation form without notice. Types of Prohibited User Content considered illegal in our Site or our brand pages include and are not limited to;

User content that:

  1. Patently offensive and fosters racism, hatred, bigotry, any kind of physical harm towards any individual.
  2. harassment, or advocating it to any person.
  3. exploitation, and sexual harassment. Has offensive subjects that include “masked” profanities.
  4. solicited information from other people, or any advertisement, and “spam.”
  5. Issuing any telephone number, addresses, URLs, and email addresses.
  6. Providing misleading information or engaging in illegal activities such as obscene, defamatory, threatening, or using abusive language.
  7. Including or promoting the copyrighted work of another person.
  8. Promoting criminal activities or facilitating the illegal mission
  9. . Posting someone else picture without their consent.
  10. Using materials or software that contain viruses, codes, and programs that intend to destroy any computer software or hardware functionality.

Any of the above-stated activities will result in the removal and termination of privileges without any notice.

We may screen and monitor User Content from time to time to check our Terms of Use’s compliance, although it’s not our obligation to do so. We still have the right to reject any post, remove or edit any user content at our sole discretion. Also, to restrict, terminate, suspend your access to any part of our Site, any time, with no prior notice or liability. We can also revoke or remove your registration, restrict, and terminate your site use if we deem right. Our sole discretion is to remove and delete your account if we find you to be a threat to the Site and the users. We are not responsible or obligated to remove or modify any inappropriate User Content. We also assume no responsibility for the users submitting such User Content. therefore, you are solely responsible for anything you post on the website or brand pages. You will bear consequences for these conducts.

We won’t take ownership of the User Content posted to our Site of brand pages. You retain ownership of your User Content posts and have the right to use your User Content. However, you choose. When you submit your User Content on our sites, including brand pages, you give us irrevocable right to transfer, perpetuate, non-exclusive, paid-up, and use of the worldwide license. We can copy, display, modify, edit, or even distribute your information and User Content. We can prepare derivative works, incorporate into different pieces, grant and authorize sub-licensees, of the stated above, with no compensation.

After submitting your User Content to all our Site of brands, you waive the right to approve the use of such User Content. And we don’t accept unsolicited ideas or suggestions, not limited to promotions, advertising, or how to merchandise our products. In this Policy, you cease the right to share your thoughts or concerns of the User Content.

As per this Policy, you submit ideas voluntarily to this Site. You understand and acknowledge that such statements will not be confidential. The company will have no obligation or implicated to consider it.

We shall have right to use such ideas, concepts, know-how, and any User Content techniques. That can be for any purpose whosoever, globally in any platform or for developing, marketing products, manufacturing, marketing services that incorporate this User-Content.

Procedure for Making U.S. Claims of Copyright Infringement

We do commit to comply with the copyright fully and any related laws. And we also require the users of our Site to comply with these laws. You should not store materials or content on or distribute any materials, or content over, the Site. You should avoid such manners that constitute a violation of the third party intellectual property rights. T hat includes the rights given by copyright law. You should not post, distribute, or reproduce copyrighted material, trademarks, or any proprietary information that belongs to other people.

Please, you must first obtain the prior written consent of the owner of such materials. As per our Policy, we can terminate the privileges of those users who repeatedly infringe on others’ copyright. That is after we receive proper notification from the copyright owner or their legal agents.

Sometimes the victims of copyrighted work, when reporting the alleged infringement, might take advantage of particular provisions from the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you find any infringing message. And as we receive proper notice of infringement under the DMCA, we shall respond efficiently, remove, and disable the access of the material claimed to be infringing. We shall diligently follow the procedure of resolving the issue as specified in the DMCA. Below is our designated agent whom you should address such notices:

Please provide the following information to our agents if you are a victim of copyright or infringement:

  • 1. A signature (electronic or physical) of the person authorized to represent the copyrighted material or intellectual property owner.
  • 2. Provide a full description of your copyrighted work or any infringed intellectual property. If you have multiple copyrighted works on only one website, you can get a representative list of that work.
  • 3. An accurate description of the location where your materials are.
  • 4. All your contact details, including address, phone number, and email.
  • 5. A statement that says you believe that the disputed use is unauthorized by the copyright or their agents or law.
  • 6. Bring a statement you made under penalty of perjury, stating that the information put in your report is accurate and you are the copyright or intellectual property owner. It shows that you are the one authorized to act on behalf of the victim’s copyright or other intellectual property.

To reach our designated agents for claims of your copyrighted work or infringement, use the below address:

Copyright Agent
737 Lamar St. Los Angeles CA 90031

Or by email:

No Warranties





You agree to hold us, defend, indemnify our subsidiaries, contractors, business partners, affiliates, and any other respective officers and employees, any loss, liability, claim, demand, or harmless from any loss. No request that may include attorney’s fee that may arise from the third party due to the use of the Site. Violation of these terms of use or breach (have but not limited to breaching the rights of your representation, warranties set forth herein, or are applicable by law).

Links to Other Sites

All the third party links to our Site will solely link to your convenience. If you choose to use those links, you will be out of our Site. The terms here do not apply to the website that you reach through the links. We haven’t reviewed the sites linked to our Site, and we cannot control nor be responsible for the content on those sites. Therefore, we cannot endorse or represent these third parties’ sites or the content they put there. Accessing these websites will be at your own risk.


As the site location is in California, we make no representation that the Site complies with other laws outside this territory in the United States. Accessing this Site outside the U.S. will be at your own risk, which means you will be responsible for compliance with all the jurisdiction laws. And you also approve of the transfer of your information and use outside your country.

The Internal Substantive Law of the State of California govern these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, that relate to the Site, without regard to its conflict of laws and principles. If there is any dispute arising or controversy from the use of our Site or our Terms’ service, it must come to California’s courts. You should take this in the United States federal court that has jurisdiction. When you use the Site, you will agree to be subject to these courts’ jurisdiction.

Drink Responsibly

Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous, and it may have personal social and health consequences. We commit to encouraging responsible consumption by ensuring that we communicate through our products by not showing or encouraging excessive consumption or any misuse of such kind. In general, we commit to promote responsible advertising of our products, as we encourage improved advertising standards for the entire industry.


California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Since the Transparency in Supply Chains Act got enforced on January 1, 2012; requires retail businesses and manufacturers in California to disclose publicly their efforts in the mission to eradicate slavery and human trafficking across their supply chains.

We ensure that our employees and any other member in our supply chain get treated with dignity and respect. We never use forced labor in any of our operations, and we encourage the same from our business partners. We work hard to identify and find reputable suppliers who commit to comply with the state’s federal and foreign laws regarding labor practices.

We prefer to source for suppliers from the United States, and we don’t engage with those from countries with the risk of human trafficking. We may not vet suppliers for trafficking or slavery, but we periodically monitor and conduct site visits to check if our suppliers are meeting our high standards. We will immediately stop working with countries trafficking humans or who force labor on their people. We shall take the appropriate measure, either corrective action or terminate the business relationship, any concern that we spot.

We keep educating our employees in the procurement department about the transparency in Supply Chains Act. We take steps to identify and cure, also guard any use of forced labor in the supply chains side.

Proposition 65

It is a state ballot plan intended to protect California citizens from chemicals found in the drinking water sources. Those may cause Cancer, congenital disabilities, or any other reproductive harm. It also informs citizens about any exposure to such chemicals. One can find more information about Prop 65 and the disclosure of the chemicals in The Prop also warns consumers about the following products:

Alcoholic Beverages include, With no Limit to, Beverages, Beer, Malt, Distilled Spirits, and Wine.

WARNING: Drinking alcoholic drinks while pregnant such as distilled Spirits, Coolers, Beer, Wine, and others, May Cause Birth Defects. It is likely to increase the risk of cancer. To find out more about this information, Go to

Canned and Bottled Foods and Beverages

Warning: Look out for labels in canned food and beverages containing BPA (bisphenol A). BPA is a chemical believed to be harmful to human beings, especially the female reproductive system. Consuming food packaged in such containers may expose you to that risk. Also, check the jar lids and bottle caps, where it might be hiding. For more information, visit Get a list of products here:

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Shipping & Delivery Information
All purchases of wine from Jada Vineyard & Winery on this website are subject to the below terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Adult Signature Required
When you order from us, you are representing you are at least 21 years of age and the person to whom our wine is being shipped is also at least 21 years old. An adult signature will be required upon delivery. We cannot accept requests to waive adult signature requirements. If you are unable to be home at the time of shipment, we suggest you change your ship-to address to a business where an adult will be available to sign during regular business hours OR have the package shipped to a friend or neighbor who can be home to sign for the package.

Delivery Attempts
All shipments are made by UPS. If they are unable to deliver the package and obtain an adult signature, UPS will return the package to us. You will be responsible for the original shipping charge plus the shipping charge to return it to us.

Know the Laws of Your State
When wine is shipped, it becomes your property as soon as it leaves our doors. You are to know and obey the laws of your state.

Shipping Restrictions
We cannot ship wine to PO Boxes, APO addresses, or to international destinations outside the United States.

Order processing time is contingent upon a number of factor including credit card authorization, packaging, and ordering volumes. Most orders will be processed in 2-3 business days, excluding holidays. Note that we do not ship on Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Shipping will take 3 to 7 days in most cases, but Jada makes no guarantee of delivery dates and times. Jada Vineyard & Winery is not responsible for the weather conditions. Any damage to the wine you have purchased related to heat exposure is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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By becoming a member of the Jada Wine Club you agree to the following terms:

  • I authorize Jada Vineyard & Winery to charge my allotment to the provided credit card preceding each shipment
  • By joining the club, you certify that you are at least 21 years of age and understand that wines may only be shipped to and signed for by adults age 21 years or older.
  • Cancellations: You may cancel your membership after you have received two (2) wine club shipments. Cancellation before two (2) wine club shipments will result in a $50 fee. This fee protects our member benefits and any savings we have extended to you under the conditions of membership during this time. Shipments processed prior to the cancellation are nonrefundable, even if not yet received. Shipments will automatically continue after two (2) shipments until you elect to cancel in writing, at which point your membership will be canceled without further obligation.
  • We will conveniently ship your wines directly to your home or office. If you select the pick-up option, we will hold your wine for pick-up at our tasting room for 90 days, after which your order will be shipped and associated fees will be applied to your account. We are able to ship to most states and you may inquire with our team for an updated list of legal states. Due to legal restrictions, volume limits and delivery periods may apply to subsequent orders beyond your wine club shipments.
  • Carriers make three delivery attempts before returning orders to Jada Vineyard and Winery. It is your obligation to notify us of any billing or shipping changes prior to the next shipping month or any earlier deadlines specified in the advance email notification prior to the club release. Extra shipping charges incurred due to an incorrect address, delivery interception, and shipments returned to the winery will be charged to your account.

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Last Updated On 04-Jan-2023
Effective Date 03-Jan-2023

This Privacy Policy describes the policies of Jada Vineyard & Winery, 5620 Vineyard Drive, CA 93446, United States of America (the), email:, phone: 805-226-4200 on the collection, use and disclosure of your information that we collect when you use our website ( ). (the “Service”). By accessing or using the Service, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to the same, please do not access or use the Service.

We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time without any prior notice to you and will post the revised Privacy Policy on the Service. The revised Policy will be effective 180 days from when the revised Policy is posted in the Service and your continued access or use of the Service after such time will constitute your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy. We therefore recommend that you periodically review this page.

  1. Information We Collect:

    We will collect and process the following personal information about you:

    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Mobile
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Address
    6. Work Address
    7. Payment Info
  2. How We Collect Your Information:

    We collect/receive information about you in the following manner:

    1. When a user fills up the registration form or otherwise submits personal information
    2. Interacts with the website
    3. From public sources
  3. How We Use Your Information:

    We will use the information that we collect about you for the following purposes:

    1. Marketing/ Promotional
    2. Creating user account
    3. Customer feedback collection
    4. Processing payment
    5. Manage customer order
    6. Manage user account

    If we want to use your information for any other purpose, we will ask you for consent and will use your information only on receiving your consent and then, only for the purpose(s) for which grant consent unless we are required to do otherwise by law.

  4. How We Share Your Information:

    We will not transfer your personal information to any third party without seeking your consent, except in limited circumstances as described below:

    1. Analytics

    We require such third party’s to use the personal information we transfer to them only for the purpose for which it was transferred and not to retain it for longer than is required for fulfilling the said purpose.

    We may also disclose your personal information for the following: (1) to comply with applicable law, regulation, court order or other legal process; (2) to enforce your agreements with us, including this Privacy Policy; or (3) to respond to claims that your use of the Service violates any third-party rights. If the Service or our company is merged or acquired with another company, your information will be one of the assets that is transferred to the new owner.

  5. Retention Of Your Information:

    We will retain your personal information with us for 90 days to 2 years after users terminate their accounts or for as long as we need it to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected as detailed in this Privacy Policy. We may need to retain certain information for longer periods such as record-keeping / reporting in accordance with applicable law or for other legitimate reasons like enforcement of legal rights, fraud prevention, etc. Residual anonymous information and aggregate information, neither of which identifies you (directly or indirectly), may be stored indefinitely.

  6. Your Rights:

    Depending on the law that applies, you may have a right to access and rectify or erase your personal data or receive a copy of your personal data, restrict or object to the active processing of your data, ask us to share (port) your personal information to another entity, withdraw any consent you provided to us to process your data, a right to lodge a complaint with a statutory authority and such other rights as may be relevant under applicable laws. To exercise these rights, you can write to us at We will respond to your request in accordance with applicable law.

    You may opt-out of direct marketing communications or the profiling we carry out for marketing purposes by writing to us at

    Do note that if you do not allow us to collect or process the required personal information or withdraw the consent to process the same for the required purposes, you may not be able to access or use the services for which your information was sought.

  7. Cookies Etc.

    1. To learn more about how we use these and your choices in relation to these tracking technologies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

  8. Security:

    The security of your information is important to us and we will use reasonable security measures to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration of your information under our control. However, given the inherent risks, we cannot guarantee absolute security and consequently, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.

  9. Grievance / Data Protection Officer:

    If you have any queries or concerns about the processing of your information that is available with us, you may email our Grievance Officer at Jada Vineyard & Winery, 5620 Vineyard Drive, email: We will address your concerns in accordance with applicable law.

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Effective Date: 04-Jan-2023
Last Updated: 04-Jan-2023

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We are committed to providing outstanding service to everyone. Our goal is to provide a fully accessible and optimized user experience for all website visitors, regardless of vision or other impairments.

We strive to enhance Jada Winery’s website to increase accessibility and usability for everyone. Our website’s accessibility is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Levels A and AA. Jada is committed to providing greater accessibility to all of its products and services

Should you experience any difficulty in accessing this website, please call (805) 226-4200 or during normal business hours for assistance with this website, including learning more about our wines, placing an order, or visiting us.

All constructive feedback regarding the accessibility or usability of this website is welcome and will be carefully considered.

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