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Welcome to the next evolution in Jada Wines.



100% new French oak. 






Each year our winemaker, David Galzignato, selects lots from our Rhone, Bordeaux, and/or our Tannat programs to showcase in our WCS (Wine Connoisseur Series) line of Jada wines .  These are wines he and our family think are some of the best expressions of the vintage and showcase a unique aspect of the terroire here at Jada.  These wines don't fit into any box or recipe and instead are purely dictated by taste and complexity.  Some years we showcase a single, "best barrel" from the unique coopers with whom work as we did with the inaugural 2010 vintage and some years we highlight the effects of extended barrel-aging (36 months) or clone selection as you will be able to experience in upcoming vintages of the WCS wines. For this reason, the WCS wines provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the wine-making here at Jada and how taste is so closely constructed and influenced by process and the farming.


In the development of this new line of wines, we started with the ethos that goes into all the Jada wines - small-lot, low production, all-estate, and vineyard-focused with 100% French cooperage - and kicked it up a notch to produce the Wine Connoisseur Series.   David visits France every two years to select the wood for custom-made barrels for the Jada wines and he tastes through every barrel before selecting the lots and cooper designated for the WCS wines.


Lastly and most importantly, the WCS wines are a special way for us to reward and celebrate the passion of our wine club members.  In fact, one of the acronyms we often use for WCS is simply "Wine Club Series".  This series was developed entirely with our wine club members at its focus and each member is guaranteed an allotment of the WCS wines each year.  If you are a home winemaker, a wine aficionado, or simply someone interested in tasting our most exclusive and limited production wines to-date, then the WCS wines are for you.