Joshua Harp Takes on Role as Winemaker at Jada Vineyard & Winery in Paso Robles, California.

We are thrilled to announce the formal promotion of Joshua Harp from Assistant Winemaker to Winemaker.  Josh will continue to work closely with Tony Biagi, our consultant from Napa, as we embark on our 2019 “winemaking journey”.   

Josh Harp, just completed his 9th harvest.  His interest in winemaking began all the way back in 4th grade, when his family moved to Cottonwood, CA and where his neighbor was a black-smith and co-owned a winery. Harp began working for Jim Tomasini and Tom Burnham on their 10-acre vineyard as a jack-of-all-trades, getting to experience every aspect of winemaking.   While contemplating a transfer to CalPoly’s Wine & Viticulture program to deepen his interest and understanding in winemaking, Josh was offered a position by Steve Martell at Sextant Wines in Paso Robles.   He went on to complete 5 harvests as Cellar Master (with Martell) and in 2015, we welcomed Josh to the Jada family, where he worked under and with David Galzignato (current General Manager & Senior Winemaker at Rutherford’s Provenance Winery) during the 2015 and 2016 vintages.

In 2017, we welcomed consultants, Anthony (aka Tony) Biagi and Eric Jensen, to the Jada team to head our winemaking efforts, during which time Josh continued his role as Jada’s Assistant Winemaker. Over the course of the 2017 vintage, Josh worked closely by their side, observing and learning from the two of the top winemakers of their generation, and together, Eric, Tony, and Josh developed the viticulture and winemaking programs that we currently use today to craft the Jada wines.

Coming off perhaps the best vintage in Jada’s young history, Josh is more than deserving of his ascent to Jada’s Winemaker and we have no doubt Josh will be part of the next generation of great winemakers to come out of Paso Robles.