"But it’s the new wineries, or newly revitalized ones, that have really caught my eye: outstanding among them are Jada . . ."

-Steve Heimoff, West Coast editor of "Wine Enthusiast Magazine" 


Jada Vineyard & Winery


Jada Vineyard & Winery is an award-winning producer of Rhone & Bordeaux-style wines in Paso Robles, CA with a focus on all-estate, biodynamic, small lot winemaking.




Jack & Robyn Messina




Jada Vineyard lies in an incredible pocket in the hills of the Santa Lucia Coastal Range on the west side of Paso Robles. A low spot (1700 ft) in the range directly west of the vineyard funnels cool coastal air from the Pacific Ocean through the corridor commonly referred to as the Templeton Gap. Blessed with abundant sunshine throughout the growing season, the maritime influence moderates the heat and provides incredibly cool evenings. As a result, harvest generally occurs near the beginning of October. This long maturation process allows for superb development of color & intensity in character while maintaining acidity.

We are 100% Biodynamically farmed. This method of farming is based on the philosophy that our entire property is a living organism. We use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers (much like organic farming), and, in addition, we farm by the phases of the planets and the moon, similar to the old Farmer's Almanac, and treat our vineyards with various preparations to promote health and vitality in the soil, plants, and animals. While organic farming is mainly focused on the plant, biodynamic farming applies these same principles to the entire ecosystem here at Jada.





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